Of Fire and Earth

“In working in clay, one communes with other works that have been fabricated and exist over hundreds and thousands of years.”  -Bruce M. Sherman

From the very inception of human civilization, ceramics have existed not as mere objects of usefulness, but, over the years, thrived as a major medium of artistic expression. In the past few decades, globally, artists are transcending the limits of ceramic’s functional status by communicating with this medium with new approaches. The immense possibilities that ceramics offer have inspired practitioners to experiment and explore beyond its materiality.

In India, a major part of the audience is yet to get familiar with the contemporary practices in ceramics and experience the remarkably diverse potentiality of the medium. To open to them the horizon of contemporary ceramic art, Dhi Artspace presents ‘Of Fire and Earth’, featuring some of the noted ceramic art practitioners of the country who unravel new facets of this medium in their practices.

Falguni Bhatt

Loganathan E.

Mudita Bhandari

Rahul Kumar

Rekha Goyal

Shirley Bhatnagar

Subhankar Das

Vinod Daroz