Mudita Bhandari

Mudita Bhandari

Mudita Bhandari’s practice is informed by the idea of space and dimension. She is interested in exploring the fluidity of various dimensions and the multiplicity of layers within the structure of existence, whether tangible or intangible, visible or invisible, known or unknown, resting on the ideas of non-dual despite the duality.

Mudita primarily works in clay but often integrates different materials to create fluidity of identity and meaning. Her practice includes teaching and writing, the interactive process of which gives another dimension to her understanding of multiplicity. Intuitive in her process, she explores the form beyond the surface texture while spontaneously building them with coils. Inspired by the use of clay in the folk tradition of India, she has been working extensively with terracotta, using its porous nature metaphorically as an extension to the idea of impermanence.

After receiving her BFA in ceramics from Kala Bhawan, Vishva Bharati University, Santiniketan in 1998, Mudita went on to study MFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Vadodara in 2000. She later joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University to teach ceramics as a Teaching Assistant for two years before she moved back to her hometown and set up her studio.

A member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva, Mudita is a recipient of a National Scholarship and Lalit Kala Scholarship from the Government of India. She has exhibited widely and has been part of various residencies and symposiums nationally and internationally. Her works are in collection with Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, Ceramic Center, Vadodara, ASNA Karachi, Pakistan, Mark Rothko Art Center, Latvia, Mehmet Nuri Gocen Foundation of Culture, Education and Art, Turkey, on display at the Indian Pavilion, Fule International Ceramic Art Museums China, and other private collectors.

Mudita works from her studio in Indore, India.

‘Walls of the Same Circle’

Terracotta (fired at 1140 C)

8″ x 10″ x 10″ | 2020


Terracotta (fired at 1140 C) iron, cement

6″ x 17″ x 8″ | 2019

‘Meanderings’ series

Terracotta (fired at 1140 C)

10″ x 10″ x 10″ | 2017