Manjot Kaur

Conundrum of Desire, Video Performance, 11 mins, 2021 

Realised in collaboration with the artist duo Arvid and Marie

Arvid: Always in movement in his practice, Arvid’s field of explorations relate to topics of technology, non-human perspectives, plastic waste, artificial intelligence, protest movements, and human senses. He has displayed art and design work internationally and has worked in China, the USA, Thailand, Eastern and Southern Europe, as well as Belgium and the Netherlands.

Marie: Marie Caye is a visual artist, performer and designer and a part of the former duo Arvid & Marie. Fascinated by the idea of technology as a strange synthetic realm, she explores different localities leading to collections of videos where humans disappear behind their tools or she searches the land for cyborg found material where the synthetic and the organic are indistinguishable. Her research probes at the grey zones, the obsolescence and the uncanny between humans, their environment and the produced matter.

The video performance is a dialogue between two floating heads on a burning agricultural field exploring the cycle of life and death. It explores the definition and meaning of the term “child”. The narrative of the performance references the Chandogya Upanishad.