India Art Fair 2023

Dhi Artspace is delighted to showcase the works of Arjun Das, Leena Raj, Poorvesh Patel, and Sumana Som at the India Art Fair, booth E6, from 9- 12 February 2023. 

This year, we bring together the work of four emerging contemporary artists whose works are grounded in the art of visual storytelling.

While Arjun Das iterates the story of workers in Kolkata’s Bara Bazar in his compositions, Leena Raj picks up popular proverbs from Malayalam language and translates them onto her canvases. Poorvesh Patel, with the medium of rusted copper wires, goes back to his childhood stories of farming in Navsari, Gujarat and Sumana Som stitches fragments of her personal life and history in one plane.

Working across media, the artist’s reflect upon their socio-cultural identities to strike conversations around urbanization, migration, labor and environment through their works.

Installation View

Artists’ Works

Arjun Das

West Bengal, India

Leena Raj R

Kerala, India

Poorvesh Patel

Gujarat, India

Sumana Som

Hyderabad, India