Harsha Durugadda

Harsha Durugadda (born: 1989) is a contemporary artist, who primarily works with sculpture. He has won the Rio Tino Sculpture Award in Australia and has exhibited both nationally and internationally, notably at Sotheby’s New York, Nord Art Germany, CICA Museum Korea, and Sculpture by the Sea in Australia. He has presented a research study on Buddhist Sculpture at the British Museum in London. He went to JNU New Delhi, and he currently resides in Hyderabad.

He was the recipient of the Rio Tino Sculpture Award for his work ‘Column of Sound’ at Sculpture by the Sea, Australia (Cottesloe) in 2017 and the Emerging Artist Award by TAF London in 2023.

The books were chosen to interpret the many concepts they were associated with, such as labour exploitation in Das Kapital. As we can see, despite the tremendous amount of effort artists put in, aristocratic systems are the ones that may profit from it. Tolstoy’s War and Peace illuminates philosophy and religion. These are books that will provoke reflection and thought. In these books, the artist’s own portrait has been carved out. The artist’s self-portrait can only be seen in its entirety; when it is broken apart, it loses all meaning or, to put it another way, turns invisible.


Carved Books

4″ x 6′ x 9″


Detailed Work

Detailed Work