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The idea of modernism in India has never radically negated its history, rather firmly rooted itself in its past while looking forward to a progressive future. The nationalist movement in Indian art precisely revisited its glorious and sumptuous past of different painting styles including the influential miniature traditions of painting. The schools of Mughal, Rajasthani, Pahari and Deccani miniatures have continued to amuse and inspire the artists of the generations that followed. And in the present art scenario, a great number of artists have developed their art practice by taking considerable inspiration from the element, style and theme of miniatures. Their works talk about the social, political, economic, environmental and other concerns of the contemporary time even though they are executed in a manner that has its origin in the distant past.

This online exhibition, ‘New Stories in Old Frames’, aims to bring together five practicing artists of our time whose respective practices are inspired by the miniature style of painting in more than one way.

Aniruddha Parit

Mainaz Bano

Poushali Das

Ravi Chunchula

Sanket Viramgami

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Featured in OnArt Fair, presented by Mojarto

Arjun Das, Jagadeesh Tammaneni, Murali Chinnasamy,

Ravi Chunchula, Sumana Som

August 28- 30

‘Metaphor: The Magic It Holds’

Ajist AS, Arjun Das, Subhankar Bag

Jan 25- Mar 15


‘Infinite Parabolas’

Murali Chinnasamy

Oct 5 - Nov 20

‘A Journey through Impermanence’

Poorvesh Patel, Maksud Ali Mondal

Jul 2 – Aug 20

‘Enchanting Illusions’

Virendra Maurya

Mar 30 – Apr 30

‘Minotour: Beyond Myth'

Ryan Abreu, Yogesh Ramkrishna Kamble

Feb 9 - Feb 22

‘Microcosm Macrocosm’ (IPEP India)

Curated by Lina Vincent

Jan 28- Feb 3


‘Dynamic Desires’

Anila K. Govinappa, Mariraj Rajasekaran, Virendra Maurya

Nov 17 – Dec 15

‘The Indian Billboard Society’

Jan Ratschat, Curated by Anja Ellenberger

Oct 11 – 27

'Mapping Territories'

Neha Verma, Sumana Som

Aug 18 - Sep 22


Bhaskar Chary, Murali Chinnasami

Jun 22 - Jul 31


‘Tranquil and Trance’

Anila Kumar Govindappa, Krishna Trived

Dec 8, 2017 – Jan 10, 2018

‘Mindful Memories’

Kundan Mondal, Mithun Das

Sep 10 – Oct 7

‘Linear Accents’

Abhishek Verma, Anila Kumar Govindappa, Kundan Mondal, Murali Chinnasamy, Sanket Viramgami, Srinivas Bobbili

17 June 2017- 15 July 2017

'Enigmatic Intricacies’

Kundan Mondal, Sanket Viramgami, Sumana Som

Feb 11- Mar 11


‘Woodcut 2016’

Aug 10 – 20

Contemplate Art Gallery, Coimbatore.

‘Behold the Nature’

Debasree Das, Kundan Mondal, Shanmukha Rao, Sneh Mehra Jun 25 – Jul 23


‘The Unknown’

Bholekar Srihari

Nov 7- Dec 5

‘The Full Scape’

Bhaskar Vadla, Gayatri Kasireddy, Lakshmi Kiran, S. Karuna

Sep 29 – Oct 17

‘One’s Own World’

Bandi Durga Prasad, Krishna Trivedi

Jun 25 – Jul 23

‘Woodcut 2015’

Apr 2 - May 16


‘Real and Imagined Spaces’

Kundan Mondal, Prasad K P,

Rakesh Roy Chaudhary

Oct 13- Nov 15