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A Time for Farewells

Talk and presentation by Premjish Achari


Dialogues between Time and Space

Poetry reading by Saima Afreen, Akila G, Soumya V and Pitambar Khan

Between the two axes of time and space lies a point where a poet drinks from the sun, and sets the horizon on fire. The blazing words fall fountain-like. Each drop holds a million thoughts opening a passageway to rimes that hide different meanings of life. And that’s where the poet wanders as the chronicler of it all. This evening explores the dialogues between time and space as perceived by wordsmiths.

Mentorship Programme

by B V Suresh

An engaging session with artist and art educator B V Suresh. Artists presented their works, talked about their practice while also received valuable feedback from the pedagogue. Some insightful articulations from him that can be a guide for a lifetime.


The Curatorial Workshop- Telling a story by Anja Ellenberger

12th October 2018

A curatorial workshop organised at Dhi Artspace in Collaboration with Goethe Zentrum. Held by a German curator Anja Ellenberger and a German Artist Jan Ratschat with fifteen other curators Suresh Jayram, B.V. Suresh, Bhargavi Gundala, Amita Desai,Seeta Reddy, Lakshmi Numbiar, Avani Rao, Lina Vincent, Geogina Maddox, Shubhalakshmi Shukla, Shaila, Atya Amjad, Abeer, Tanmay Santra, Santosh Sakinala from across the country.

Mapping Territories – A Poetic Evening

15th September 2018

“Mapping Territories- A Poetic Evening” is a poetry event in the backdrop of “Mapping Territories- An Art exhibition”, with six poets ( Saima Afreen, Nabina Das, Akila.G, Paresh Tiwari, Hostang Merchant, Meherin Roshanara )  from different States, settled in Hyderabad, are reciting poems on their experiences in the city of Pearl.


“A collector’s journey in quest of Indian Art” | Film screening and talk by Padmashri Jagdish Mittal | 11th March 2017 | 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Woodcut camp for the artist | 22 January 2016- 30 January 2016


“Invisible Intelligence” | Talk show | Sharing of knowledge by Prof.Sudhakar Reddy | 24th January 2015 at 5:30 pm


Film Screenings done on every weekend