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About Murali chinnasamy’s Practice

Based in Chennai, my artistic journey draws profound inspiration from the intricate textures found in nature, be it the fibers of a coconut shell or the elaborate details of ancient temples in India. This series represents a departure from my prior focus on print-making, offering abstract drawings that capture a compelling interplay of impressions and vacant spaces. From a distance, the artworks exude depth and movement, while a closer examination reveals captivating microstructures. The creative process becomes a therapeutic outlet, a slow release of thoughts onto paper, yielding monochromatic compositions that beckon viewers to explore the emotive depths within. Each drawing embodies a harmonious blend of patience and chaos, inviting audiences to venture into the metaphorical ‘abyss’ of emotions and thoughts, as they discover the essence of my artistic expression.

Career Biography

Murali Chinnasamy, born in March 4, 1984, hails from Thirvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai (2006) and Master’s degree from MSU Baroda (2014). His solo shows include Infinite Parabolas in Dhi Artspace, Hyderabad (2019) and Red Earth Art Galleries in Baroda (2015). He has participated in a number of group shows including India Art Fair, Gallery Art Houz, New Delhi (2020); Echo’s in Dhi Artspace, Hyderabad (2018); Print “O” Graphica, Lalith Kala Akademi Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi (2017); The Tetra Tales, Amdavad ni gufa, Ahmedabad (2016); Organic, Lalith Kala Akedemi, Chennai (2016). Some of his international exhibitions include, Busan Arts Festival, Korea (2015) and 17th Biennale international De La Gravore de Sarcelles, France (2015). Chinnasamy was awarded with various accolades including Chinmoy Pramanik; Chancellor’s gold medal award,  Prof. Mahindra Pandya gold medal award,  Late Shri Firoz Nadirshaw Katpitia memorial gold medal award from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda 2020  and “In Transit” Award from Gallery Ra 2021.  He was also awarded with “Khoj Support Grant” 2020, from Delhi. 

Murali currently works and lives in Chennai.