Akhil Mohan

Akhil Mohan obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fine Arts from RLV College of Music and Fine Arts, Tripunithura, Kerala.

He currently lives and works in Thrissur, Kerala.

Growing up in Kerala, Akhil Mohan developed a strong bond with nature, which is reflected in his artwork. He observes and contemplates the relationship between native people and the Earth, resulting in a philosophical understanding. As a visual storyteller, he sees no distinction between a farmer cultivating the land and an earthworm seeking nourishment. During his studies in Santiniketan, he realized the universality of his memories, leading him to incorporate complex networks of village life into his work. He portrays various aspects of the farming community’s life, including rituals, music, and culture. The life cycles of all creatures surrounding them also play a significant role. Through a meticulous process, he aims to capture the serenity and toil of agrarian life in his paintings, using traditional media and carefully chosen hues. Currently, his project focuses on carpentry, a profession deeply rooted in Kerala. By painting on discarded traditional tools, he seeks to give them a new voice and highlight the craftsmanship they embody.

Title: ‘Rice-06’

Medium: Pen and Ink on Paper

Size: 20 x 30 inches

Year: 2021